About Ave & Ash

Hi! My name is Jennifer, I live in sunny San Diego with my beautiful children Avery, Asher, Austin and wonderful husband Jordan.

I've been sewing/crafting/DIY-ing before it was cool way back at the age of 7. I started sewing bedding for my barbies. My mom taught me all about crafting and always encouraged me to be a "maker of things". I think our favorite phrase when we see something we like is "I can make that!".

Over the years people have encouraged me to sell the things I make. I opened an etsy shop way back in 2008 during grad school. I never had the time to invest in branding and finding a niche.

Then came children, I discovered shops on Instagram making the most adorable clothes and was inspired by all the SAHMs doing great things with little time. I thought, "I can do this" and started my business while on maternity leave with Avery.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy my creations


Email : jennifer.lee.cordova@gmail.com

Instagram: @AveAndAsh

Facebook Page: facebook.com/shopAveAndAsh